Saturday, June 15th at 10AM Book Signing

Join Bird Man Mel Toellner & Co-Author Matt Maguire for a book signing event at Songbird Station.

Their book Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses will be released in June! Copies will be available in store. A signed copy makes a wonderful Father's Day Gift! We invite you to celebrate with us! 

We are excited to announce the June publication of Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses! Our resident birding expert and founder "Bird Man Mel" Toellner and our Songbird Essentials' master woodworker Matt Maguire collaborated to bring you a collection of 15 truly bird-friendly birdhouse plans. Mel and Matt will be on hand to meet everyone and sign copies of the their book. Additional details will be announced soon!


Bird Man Mel hosted two free seminars this spring at Songbird Station in Columbia, MO.

Seminars were held at 10AM at Songbird Station in Columbia, MO. 

April 27th-Natives & Other Keys to Attracting Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Pollinators. Watch the seminar here!

If you would like a copy of the April 27th presentation materials please email and indicate if you would like a printed copy or a digital file. If requesting a printed copy please include your mailing address.

March 16th- Attract Bluebirds, Wrens, Wood Ducks and More! To learn all the tips covered in this session- Watch the Seminar here!

Bird Man Mel joined Simon Rose on the Morning Meeting Radio Show January 25th and promised to share his favorite recipe for homemade Bluebird Suet. It makes a great family project and is easy to prepare. Click here to see the recipe and read more about attracting Bluebirds.

About Bird Man Mel

Mel Toellner known affectionately as "Bird Man Mel" is a birding enthusiast and entrepreneur. He and his family founded their Columbia, MO birding retail store Songbird Station along with their Mexico, MO birding focused distribution and manufacturing company Gold Crest Distributing in 1995.

Mel’s passion for birding is apparent and he delights in sharing his extensive knowledge with all who are interested in learning about backyard birds. Mel hosts seminars at Songbird Station periodically and has an array of educational videos on the Bird Man Mel YouTube Channel.

We thank you for taking the time to check out Bird Man Mel and hope you will enjoy all the birding resources and information we have compiled here. We invite you to stop into Songbird Station or stop by the public warehouse sale happening October 29th, find details here. If you are not local to the central MO area, we can help you find a local retailer who carries our products! Just send us an email with your zip code and we will locate a store for you. You can also find our products on our website We ship throughout the continental US and have feeders and giftable items that are sure to please.


Follow Mel on Facebook!  and check oout the Bird Man Mel Live Videos on Mel’s YouTube Channel!


Bird Man Mel’s tips for bringing more birds to your backyard

  1. Attract hummingbirds to your feeders or flowers by hanging out a big red Christmas bow.
  2. Attract Baltimore orioles with half of an orange, fleshy side out, and grape or blackberry jelly.
  3. In the fall don’t deadhead zinnias or marigolds. Goldfinches love their seed heads.
  4. Put out a birdbath. Water attracts 10 times more birds than seed.
  5. Mosquito problems? Put up a bat house as they eat lots of mosquitoes. 
  6. Best feeders to attract birds? Hanging trays and open, fly-through feeders.
  7. To get more bluebirds, place your houses at least 100 yards apart
It is so important to us to encourage everyone to see the beauty and wonder of God’s world.

"Remember Nature is a Stress Reliever from God. Take time today to listen to the Birds Sing."
Bird Man Mel
Bird Man Mel

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