May 15, 2020

New Ornament Designs by Margaret Cobane for Gift Essentials Flying In This Fall

For over 25 years Margaret Cobane has been designing blown glass ornaments inspired by nature. Her work has graced the pages of National Wildlife Federation’s retail catalog multiple times. Her attention to detail is unmatched, each piece is made to accurately depict the wildlife it resembles. Birding enthusiasts agree, the Margaret Cobane for Gift Essentials collection has the most lifelike wild birds and animals in the world.

We are thrilled to have four popular birds added to the collection for 2020.

Spotted Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper

You may see these small birds scurrying across the beach or shore near the water’s edge, or along rivers, ponds, or lakes. Their long bills sift through the sand and dirt looking for insect delicacies. The Spotted Sandpipers are the most widespread sandpiper in North America and can be found on beaches, mangroves, the rainforest, and up to 6,000 feet elevation in Central and South America.

Greater Roadrunner

Greater Roadrunner

This famous southwest native is known for its expressive features, its long tail and expressive crest. You will typically see these birds on the move, their preferred method? Well, running of course – up to 15 miles per hour! This member of the cuckoo family prefers the warmer climate of the Southern United States and Central America.

Great Horned Owl COBANEE451

Great Horned Owl

You may hear the deep calls of a Great Horned Owl on a cold winter night. These aggressive hunters are found throughout North and South America and are easily identified by their “great horns”.

California Quall

California Quail

These plump little bids are sharply marked and adorned with a curved topknot. You will often see these little birds waddling their way across clearings or in parks in large groups. They can be found in areas of California and the Northwestern United States.

 You can find these ornaments at an independent retailer near you this fall or in the National Wildlife Federation’s Fall 2020 catalog.

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Bird Man Mel

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