June 13, 2020

All About Butterflies! Resources from the June 13 Facebook Live


List of Prizes From Today's Show

My, Oh My - a Butterfly! Link
Aud Familiar Butterflies NA Link
The Butterfly Garden Link
Great Migrations Butterflies Link
Caterpillar to Butterfly Link
Butterflies of Midwest Quick Guide Link
Vibrant Butterflies Our Favorite Visitors to Flowers and Gardens Link
Our Love of Bees Link
Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees & Butteflies: Upper Midwest Link
Little Bee Finger Puppet Book Link
Little Butterfly Finger Puppet Book Link
Butterflies of World My Nature Sticker Book Link
Common Bees of Eastern North America Folding Guide Link
Common Butterflies of Midwest Poster Link
Common Butterflies of the Midwest Link
Caterpillars of Eastern North America Link
Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East Link
A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America Link
Family Butterfly Book Link
The Life Cycles of Butterflies Link
Gardening for Butterflies Link
Enjoying Butterflies More Link
Raising Butterflies in the Garden Link
Butterfly Bingo Link
Grow A Butterly Garden Link
Butterfly Collection 1000 pc Puzzle Link
Butterfly Garden 1000 pc Puzzle Link
Wendy Gold Butterfly Migration Puzzle 1000 pcs Link
Butterflies of NA Puzzle 500 pcs Link
Mini Butterfly Playset Link
Mini Butterfly Bag Link
Monarch Butterfly Hugger Link
Dragonfly Trio Birdbath Link
Butterfly Trio Birdbath w/Stand Link
Large Orange Butterfly Circle Link
Small Pink Butterfly Circle Window Panel Link
Orange & Yellow Butterfly Hook Link
Purple & Pink Butterfly Sun Catcher Link
Large Round Black Powder Stand Link
Yellow & Orange Butterfly Nightlight Link
Bee Skep Bistro Feeder Link
Dragonflies & Cattails Chime Link
Butterfly On A Branch Chime Link
Blue Butterfly Spinning Sun Catcher Link
Orange Butterfly Spinning Sun Link
Bee Happy Bees Garden Flag Link
Monarch Garden Flag Link
Spring Monarch Garden Flag Link
Butterfly Pocket Bottle With Brush Link
Small Blue Butterfly Door Screen Saver Link
Small Orange Butterfly Door Screen Saver Link
Large Multi-Colored Butterfly Link
Screen Saver Butterflies of No Link
Playing Cards Butterflies Link
Cleaning Cloth Butterflies Link
Mouse Pad Butterflies Link
Plastic Ruler Butterflies Link
Monarch Butterfly Notecard Assortment Link
Honey Bee Notecards Link
Bee Boarding House Link
Replacement Bamboo for SE1002 Link
Bee & Insect Hotel Link
Replacement Bamboo for SE1003 Link
A-Frame Mason Bee House Link
Replacement Bamboo for SE1004 Link
Cozy Camper Beneficial Insect Link
Triple Bee Tower Link
Therm Sml Butterfly Monarch Link
Therm Sml Yw Butterfly Swallow Link
Therm Sml Butterfly Link
Therm Sml Dragonfly Link
Therm Sml Caterpillar Link
Butterfly Feeder Link
Butterfly Nectar Link
Butterfly House Link
Small Butterfly Link
Hostess Set - Butterfly Link

Congratulations to our Facebook Live Prize Winners!

  • Rose Cantrell
  • Julie Fisher Lundsted
  • Danielle Larson DeFlorio
  • Jacqulyn Vance
  • Nick Paarlberg
  • Jodi Butler
  • Sharon Elazar
  • Corielle Dilse
  • Leslie Bradshaw
  • Linda Reiste Olsen
  • Lori Thayer
  • Peggy Garner Craven
  • Michelle Matlock-Corbin
  • Kathy Resener
  • Janet Rankin
  • Deb Feger
  • Jim Lundsted
  • Allison Hemsley
  • Belinda Brumfield
  • Rhae Brown
  • Joyce Zeiter-Gray
  • Susan Thomas
  • Beth Schadd
  • Dave Combs
  • Brenda Hall
  • Amy DeGennaro Haskell
  • Jean Pfeifer Nicklas
  • Sonya Ragland Haney
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