November 05, 2020

Bird Man Mel's Favorite Things!



Bird Man Mel was Live November 5th with His Favorite Things!

Most of Mel's Favorites are available at Songbird Station located in Columbia, Missouri or from our website Songbird Essentials. Many items can be found at your local Wild Birds Unlimited Store, and other bricks & mortar retailers near you! We encourage you to visit your local birding stores and independent businesses. Tell them Mel sent you!

Items below are group by birding category. Follow the product links for detailed information.



SE601 Bird Bath Brush

BE300 Floating Solar Birdbath Bubble

SE994 Birdbath & Multi-Use De-Icer

SE7034 8oz Birdbath Protector

SE509 Heated Bird Bath

SE501 Cedar Heated Deck BirdBath


Window Accessories

SE077 Window Suction Cup Hanger

SE971 Clear View Open Diner Window Feeder


Children's Items

BE123 Hummer Ring Starter Kit

SERUBEKKBF Bird Feeder Kit


SESC00606 Chickadee House Kit

BE130 Quick Release Seed Scoop



SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder

SE6010 Birdberry Jelly 20 oz 



SE954 PMCA Excluder Ultimate Gourd Crescent

SE521 OBC Bat House Triple Chamber

SETC105 Mini Bat Tower



GE402 Frog Kritter Keyholder

GE306 Hot Air Balloon Nightlight 

COBANEC306 Going to Grandmas Ornament 

COBANEE360 Holy Family Ornament 

COBANEE117 Christmas Eve Chapel White Ornament 

GEBLUEG543 Deluxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime


Squirrel Lovers

SESCS412 Squirrel Jar Feeder with Peanuts


Squirrel Proof

SESQ83- 12" Hanging Baffle 

SESQR87- Predator Defeater Raccoon Cylinder 

SESQ84- 20" Hanging Baffle 

BD1015- Squirrel Buster Classic (Songbird Station & Retailers Only)

BD1024- Squirrel Buster Plus  (Songbird Station & Retailers Only)



SE6002 Dr.JBs 16oz Clean Fdr-All Red 

SE625 Nectar Protector Jr Red/Bulk 

SE7021 "Hummer Helper" Cage and Nesting 

SE607 Hummer Brush Kit 

SE990 Super Shaker Nectar Maker 

SE952 Big Red Hummingbird Feeder 

SEHHHUMS Copper Hummingbird Swing 

SE7019 Easy Mister


Starter Feeder

BE141 Double Option Hopper Feeder w/ Suet Cages



SE613 Jumbo Thistle Sack 

SEBQSBF2Y 17"  Yellow Spiral Finch Feeder 

SE324 Finches Favorite 3 Tube Feeder 

SESEED170GC Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb. 

GEF1000 Snowman Mesh Feeder



SE7013 Clingers Only Red Feeder 

SE107 Green Seed Sphere  

SESEED115GC Clingers Candy Bird Seed



SE902 Suet Saver Feeder 

SE110 Copper Roof Seed Log Feeder 

SERUBSF100HD Suet Feeder w/Tail Prop Hunter Green

SESCS404 Suet Logs without perches 

SESC108 Songbird Suet Plugs Peanut 

SESC109 Songbird Suet Plugs Hot Pepper 

SERUBDSF200HD Double Suet Feeder Hunter Green Driftwood



 SERUBLHPF105 Hunter Green Hanging Platform 

SERUBTF105 Tube Feeder w/seed Tray 

SE113 Petite Green Sunflower Feeder 

SERUBHF75 Recycled Plastic Lrg Hopper Feeder  

SESEED100GC Cardinal Chorus Seed



SE617 Bluebird Portal Protector 1.5" 

SESCS3004RW Ultimate Bluebird House 

SE6016 Chow Time Birdie Bell 

SEHHBBMW Bluebird Mealworm Feeder 

SE647 Tub Of Mealworms


Field Guides -Songbird Station

AP61355-Birds of Missouri Field Guide by Stan Tekiela 

AP38392-Kids Guide to Birds of Wisconsi 

Sibleys Backyard Birds 



 Prize Winners from This Event!

SE971 Clear View Open Diner Window Feeder - Nick Parlberg

SERUBEKKBF Bird Feeder Kit - Kati Corrigan

SERUBEKKBH Bird House Kit -Heide Baker Glover

SE107 Green Seed Sphere  -Lynn Edinger

SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder-Carla Burnside

 SEHHHUMS Copper Hummingbird Swing -Erin Easum

GEF1000 Snowman Mesh Feeder-Lisa Wiley Meeker

SEHHBBMW Bluebird Mealworm Feeder -Stephanie Sanders

It is so important to us to encourage everyone to see the beauty and wonder of God’s world.

"Remember Nature is a Stress Reliever from God. Take time today to listen to the Birds Sing."
Bird Man Mel
Bird Man Mel

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