May 03, 2020

Cardinal Seminar Prizes

Please send an email to with your address by Saturday, May 9th to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. 

**Grand Prize Winner**  Vortex Optics 8 x 42 Crossfire Binoculars

DeDe Hildebrand 

Other Lucky Winners:



ALLIEDPR4WW Water Wiggler Standard

Tiffany Evans

AP35285 Cardinals

Leslie Bradshaw

AP35339 C is for Cardinal

Gretchen Zuperku

AP72615 Cardinals Blank Journal Lined

Amy Hannus

ASPECTS062 Cardinal Pair Window Thermometer

Sharon Whitesitt Hutchinson

ASPECTS278 Vista-Dome

Mark Steedly

BS-410 Bottle Stopper - Cardinal

Lana Hayne Lytle

COBANEC399 Northern Cardinal Ornament

Laurie Spear

COBANEC413 Female Cardinal Ornament

Jennifer Connell

GE105 Large Cardinal Circle Window Panel

Rose Cantrell

GE115 Small Cardinal Circle Window Panel

Rhonda Cruse McGuire

GE141 Cardinal Sun Catcher

Mindy Marsh Monteleone

GE142 Cardinal Wind Chime

Tina Zitzman Reecer

GE157 - Cardinal Hook

Amy Jackson

GE157 - Cardinal Hook

Charlene Frame

GE157 Cardinal Hook

Julia Winka

GE180 Cardinal Bird Feeder

Dona Kitty Lawson Cross

GE266 Cardinal Nightlight

Cindy Pfeiffer

GE400 Stocky Cardinal Keyholder

Janet Rankin

NWBWF3 Bamboo Tray Feeder

Lisa Strevel Fischer

SE3880059 Cardinal Gord-O Bird House

Karen J McKee

SE5039 - Perching Cardinals Bird Bath

Judith Waggoner Thompson

SE504 Mini Hanging Bird Bath Green

Dodie Marinchak Domasky

SE508 Classic 17 Garden Bird Bath

Joeleen Famoso

SE530 9 x 9 Hanging Tray Feeder and SE531 9 x 9 Clear Cover

Kim Allgeier

SE995 Songbird Spa

Sallie Cottingham

SEFWC010 Cardinal Pin

Tim Williams

SEHHHAPL Heart Fruit Feeder

Debbie Belczak Blum

SERUBGFR100 Ground Feeder Roof

Elise Kim Durma

SERUBHF55 Recycled Plastic Small Hopper Feeder

Becky Beeson

SERUBLHPF105 - Hanging Platform Feeder w/ 5 Lb Cardinal Chorus

Patty Kramer Gusky

SERUBLHPF105 - Hanging Platform Feeder w/ 5 Lb Cardinal Chorus

Barbara Murch Elmore

SERUBLHPF105 Hanging Platform Feeder

Alisa Anderson

SERUBLHPF105HD - Hanging Platform Feeder Driftwood w/ 5 Lb Cardinal Chorus

Stacy Vakassian

SERUBLHPF105HD - Hanging Platform Feeder Driftwood w/ 5 Lb Cardinal Chorus

Wendy Alexandra

SERUBSFTR Small Red Fly-Thru Hopper

Dennis Prince

SERUBSPF100 Ground Platform Feeder Green

Donella Pauli

SERUBTF105 Tube Feeder with seed Tray

Thomas AndAnn Salisbury

SESEED100GC Cardinal Chorus, 5 lb. + FREIGHT

Nancy Seyer Amelunke

Ultimate Aspects Feeder

Steven Spaur

WINDA1 Maple Leaf (4 per package)

Pam Colee Pitre

WINDA3 Butterfly Decal (4 per package)

Tamara Wilson

WINDA5 Hummingbird Decal (4 per package)

Natalie Berg

WINDA8 Square Decal

Melissa Strawn

WINDA9 Leaf Medley Decal

Joy Lewellen

WINDSBA Stop Bird Attack Window Spray

Natisha Gomez

WL28715 Rustic Farmhouse Platform Wood Feeder

Stefanie Miller LaCava

WR18221 Cardinal

Debra Nellesen

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