May 16, 2020

Winners and Resources from Today's Live Stream

Download the Seed chart from today's show.

Prize winners from today's show. Congratulations!

Winner Item Number Item Name
Allison Mauser PTF1340 Fruit. Berry. Nut Seed Bell
Amy DeGennaro Haskell BE143 Petite Green Hanging Tray Feeder
Anita Gonzalez SE111 Petite Yellow Thistle Feeder
Belinda Brumfield SEBQSVF2C Copper Spiral Nyjer Feeder
Bridget Tracy Gruender SE978 Pecan Tweet Seed Balls 5 Pk
Cel Andrews Franklin SERUBLHPF105R Red Hanging Platform Feeder
Danielle Larson DeFlorio SE6000 Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace
Deb Fiore Bongiovanni SE8018 18" Limb Protector
Dennis Prince SE115 Petite Copper Sunflower Feeder
India Sowers SESEED187GC 5 # Proso Millet Songbird Essentials
Jackie Griesemer SEBQSBF2Y Yellow Spiral Nyjer Feeder
Janet Rankin SESEED191GC 5 # Essential Nuts and Berries
John Hemmer SESEED170GC 5 # Fantastic Finch
Joyce Zeiter-Gray SERUBDSF200H Doubt Suet Feeder Green
Judy Sawyer Freeman BE144 Mammoth Tail Prop Suet Feeder
Julie Fisher Lundsted SE658 16 oz Tub Dried Mealworms
Justin Michael SESEED125GC 5 # hearty Hearts
Kathie Ives Smith SE107 Green Seed Sphere
Kim Klaproth SESEED137GC 40 # Black Oil
Lara Lara SERUBSWFR Red Suet Window Feeder
Lisa Wiley-Meeker SE637 Jumbo Thistle Sack Gold
Lynn Edinger CS06107 Hot Pepper Nuggets
Marci Mora HEATHSC53 (3) Cardinal Stack'M Cakes (3)
Marcia Baumgartner SE6010 Birdberry TM
Megan Elizabeth Stockton SE6020 Red Peanut Wreath
Mindy Marsh Monteleone SE541 Open Diner Window Feeder
Paula Lambrecht SERUBSFTR Small red Fly - Thru Feeder
Rhonda Cruse McGuire SESEED125GC 5 # Hearty Hearts
Salli Borders Cathro SE614 Super Jumbo Thistle Sack
Sara Beth SERUBSF100H Suet Feeder with Tail Prop
Sue Schadd SERUBSUDF100HD Small Upside Down Suet Feeder
Susan Currier ASPECTS403 Thistle Tube Large Antique Brass
Joyce McCandless SWCF4311 Vortex optics 8 x 42 Crossfire Binoculars
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Bird Man Mel

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