May 23, 2020

Winners and Resources from Today's Facebook Live (May 23)

  • Link to the coloring sheet that Mel referenced during today's event:
  • is a great source of information and smart solutions that help people, neighborhoods and communities prevent problems with bears.
  • Today's Prize Winners

    Carla Burnside Bird Bath - SE5031
    Jason ArtzBird Call - RE2473
    Rhea Kelley ApplegateClingers Only (red) - SE7013
    Danielle Larson DeFlorioClinters Only Yellow - SE7011
    Barbara Murch ElmoreGold Finch Ornamnet
    Jamie Schacht SmithIndigo Bunting Ornament - COBANEC348
    Marian B KayPMCA Excluder Gourd
    Becky ShephardProtected Bluebird Jail Feeder - SESC1040
    Brittany NeierSquirre Fire Mix - FMB448305
    Dottie SummersSquirrel Defeater Baffle - SESQ85
    Dave CombsSquirrel Resistant Suet Palace - SE6000
    Carolyn Welch SchlauchSuet Plus (Hot Pepper) - SESC109

    Thank you Reid for sending me your drawing, it made my day!

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Bird Man Mel
Bird Man Mel

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